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Three distinct things you must know about the gig economy

Nasaon Making Money Online Three distinct things you must know about the gig economy
Three distinct things you must know about the gig economy

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Three distinct things you must know about the gig economy

Posted By Chinasa Onwe


The concept of the “gig economy” is not alien. Gig workers have been around and have operated as handymen, tutors, writers, musicians, etc.  As a matter of fact, if you have ever done or are currently doing a part-time or daily paid job, you are operating fully in the gig economy. What’s new about the gig economy concept is that technology has helped it creep into other white-collar industries and professions such as finance, law, healthcare, technology etc. Technology has changed the game. The gig economy has been redefined in a way that it has become a corporate entity and very well sought after. It has become a profession on its own. As a freelancer, when you ask me what I do? I will proudly tell you that I am a big seller. I sell gigs on Fiverr. What then is a gig?


There is no officially announced and accepted meaning for a gig. For this article, a gig represents any single task or project for which a worker is hired through a digital marketplace to tender on demand. The switch to gig work is about convenience and ease of work. It is simply employers moving to what is more convenient and efficient for them. Though the naysayers have argued that the gig economy creates job insecurity, the gig economy is the future of careers in the 21st century and beyond. All thanks to its “boundarylessness” (the ability to work from any part of the world), portfolio (working on different projects for different persons or organizations at the same time), and adjustable (worker innovating and reinventing to fit in for the job of his choice) tendencies.

However, experts have recommended that one of the surest ways to make it big in the gig economy is to identify what you do well, what you are passionate about and what you might enjoy doing. Then, search for opportunities in the digital marketplaces. Here are the three things you must know about the gig economy if you want to hit big in this trend either as a buyer or a seller.

  1. The gig economy has come to stay

The gig economy is a millennial business model. It has come to stay because what you are expected to offer as a gig is your passion, talent, and hobby. You do not need any college or university qualification to earn a living any longer. There have been so many arguments about How School Trains Us To Fail In The Real World. This article by Stephen Guise will convince you on that. The excited users of gig-economy apps and services, whether they are branding their businesses or personal identities, sorting out their laundry, ordering for articles and takeaway food or receiving a delivery; have never been less grateful for the ease of doing work.

2.      New ways of working

The gig economy is a brainchild of technology and innovation. It is worthy of note that the difference between the workers in the gig economy and those on zero-hours contracts is not much. The major difference is that while the zero hour contractor is rushing to an office, a gig economy worker may decide to work from the comfort of a bed (depending on the task at hand). The gig economy gives the freedom to make money with your time even at your leisure from different people and from any part of the world. All that you will need is a Smartphone or computer then an internet connection.

  1. It has the tendency to intervene in the migration crises in Europe and America.

Outside abuses, war, and other civil vices one of the biggest drivers of migration is the search for greener pastures and white collar jobs. Look at it this way, when an African whose major aim for seeking for a visa is to go work in New York or London finds a way of doing that from his little village and still earn in US dollars or GB pounds still want to go through telling lies or pretense for a visa? Your guess is as good as mine.

By 2050, the gig economy would have ranked as the monster that has swallowed unemployment because of its flexibility, variety, and the ease it gives to work.

Welcome to the gig economy!


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Written by Chinasa Onwe

Chinasa Onwe is a brand identity expert, a career lecturer, and an Image Maker with years of experience in research, content writing, and editing. She is a goal oriented and a productive person that works to make a mark. For her passion for humanity and life, Chinasa believes that everyone deserves a second chance and every endeavor deserves a second trial. To her, when one fails or meets a setback it is apt to get up, rebrand and move on. Chinasa Onwe is a freelancer at Fiverr.com. If she is not in the classroom, look out for her PC or Tab. She must indeed be researching and writing.


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