Aisha Buhari’s October Speech From The Other Room

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Aisha Buhari’s October Speech From The Other Room

Love her or hate her, Aisha Buhari is one of the human pillars that is still holding whatever that is left of integrity in the APC government in Nigeria. While some accuse her of being loquacious and insensitive to national discuss as a first lady, I find her the biggest fan and the major image maker for her husband and the office he occupies. This is because the task of pointing out the excesses and raising alarm over what is not working well in a government where one is a major beneficiary is not for the faint-hearted. In the history of Nigeria, only the women “Aisha” do that.

However, being sentimental, I may agree with the people who are of the view that Aisha Buhari should not be the one, as the “wife of the president” to criticize her husband’s government. The big question is, what do you make of a man who surrounded himself with an incompetent team who are only interested in their take-home packages? Each time Aisha Buhari speaks out like she did in October 2016, I see a woman who passionately believes Nigeria can work if the good people in Nigeria will speak out against the laxity of the politicians and the other office holders not minding – the office they hold or who would be against them. In October 2016, her attack was on her husband who was ignorantly high handed in the governance of the nation; an action that drew the nation thirty-four years backward.

This year 2017 October, she is attacking the nation’s health sector, where she Stylishly lamented on the humiliation she had to pass through when she nicodemously fled the Abuja house in London because her husband was receiving treatment in a London hospital. I found her 2017 October speech inspiring and a call to action for every stakeholder in the health sector. My only fear for Aisha is that I don’t know where she might be sent to this time? It seems the “other room” is not contending her.

Below is her speech:

“I would like to be realistic to say a few words concerning health delivery system in Nigeria. It is very poor, sorry to say that.“I am happy that the MD of Aso Clinic is here. Dr Manir, I am happy that you are here.“As you are aware for the past six months Nigeria was not stable because of my husband’s ill health.“We thank God that he has fully recovered now.“If somebody like Mr President can spend several months outside Nigeria, you wonder what will happen to a common man on the street in Nigeria.“Few weeks ago I was sick as well; they advised me to take a first flight to London; I refused to go.“I said I must be treated in Nigeria because there is a budget for an assigned clinic to take care of us.“If the budget was N100 million, we need to know the way the budget is spent.“And along the line I insisted; they called Aso clinic to find out if their X-ray machine was working, they said it was not working; they didn’t know that I was the person that was to be at that hospital at that very time.“I had to go to a hospital that was established by foreigners in and out 100 per cent.“What does that mean?’’“I think it is high time for us to do the right thing.’’“Yes of course we have (policies) but implementation is always the problem.“So we need to change our mindset and do the right thing.’’“There are lots of constructions going on in that hospital but there is no single syringe there; what does that mean? Who will use the building?“So we have to be good in reasoning; you are building and there is no equipment, no consumables in that hospital and the constructions are still going on.


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