How to Build a Kick-ass Personal Brand Identity as a Freelancer

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How to Build a Kick-ass Personal Brand Identity as a Freelancer

Do you know that there are masses of people just waiting to do business with you once you can so inspire them with your personality? Know this, my friend, business isn’t just a transaction or passing of goods and services to clients for gains or benefits. It ought to be an experience. Research has shown, people enjoy doing business with people and companies that engage them in the purchasing experience. To build a kick-ass personal brand identity as an online freelancer or entrepreneur, you must bear that in mind.

When you attach meaning to the act of doing business with you through the internet, you stand out from the crowd. David Tyreman said.

Grow Your Business Brand and Personal Brand Identity Together

I would like you to believe it when I said a vast marketplace is poised and ready to sign up with your company for a lifetime. You must also note, that won’t be because you are the best in your niche, but because your brand identity resonates with these people on a deeply personal level. You inspire raving lifelong fans when you create a brand identity that has an authentic personality and a vibrant attitude that people would be excited to relate with you. A brand identity that provides consumers with experiences they want and even needs to have, and that elicits feelings they yearn to feel.

You need to build a kick-ass personal brand identity as a freelancer for safety and trust purposes. Like John C. Dvorak envisaged in his article; The Internet of Things is Not for You,

If one thing can prevent the Internet of things from transforming the way we live and work, it will be a breakdown in security.

This article will point you towards how to build a personal brand identity that will announce you and reveal to you the enormous possibilities that await you once you put your energy into inspiring rather than selling — being authentic rather than trying to fit in — working to engage the marketplace rather than focusing solely on your competitors.

I will take you through a few steps and process for becoming differentiated authentically by building a unique, kick-ass brand-identity. My task here is to inspire you and show you ways to control true loyalty by only being yourself, and getting more attention to your freelancing business in the rapidly growing freelancing marketplace.

Steps to Build a Kick-ass Personal Brand Identity

It was Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead who said: “Success isn’t about being perceived as the best at what you do, it’s about being perceived as the only one who does what perceived as the only one who does what you do.” To become that successful in your business, you should not just sell goods and services alone. You should also sell yourself as well.

When you touch people’s hearts and minds, they are compelled to do business with you. They form a relationship with you. They feel they know you as a friend, and they see you as a natural fit for the story of their lives. Cultivate brand followership by providing a meaningful experience that resonates with people. When you do this consistently, you will inspire loyalty to your brand. Do this with authenticity, and your brand will become famous in the market.

I once read somewhere about what a freelancer should sell to make more money on the internet. The author of that piece recommended people should flip through other freelancing websites and find out what gig is selling more or are in high demand. I was opposed to that idea. You should never go selling what others are selling. You should sell your passion. To build a kick-ass personal brand identity as a freelancer or entrepreneur, you should identify a service that you are passionate about and sell it. Convert your passion for money.

Build kick-ass personal brand identity by selling what you know how to do best as long as it has a market value.

One of the common mistakes a lot of entrepreneur make is focusing on the most lucrative niche or services, even when it is not a good fit for them. Of course, to make money is the primary reason we all go into business, but know this: You won’t achieve your financial goals if you choose money over passion.

 However, to sustain the business is also as important as starting the business. Haven said this; let’s now proceed to how you can build a kick-ass brand identity as a freelancer or entrepreneur.

Sell your passion

Selling what you are good at or what you are passionate about is one of the easiest ways to carve a niche for yourself in the freelancing market. The solution you are selling will be coming to you naturally. You will have the answers to all the way(s), and you will know all the intricacies and the nitty-gritty to delivering a sound service to your clients or buyers.

After you discover your passion, you are required to develop it through training. Then you can now consider the demand for such services. Sell your passion for money-making.

To find this line of business, ask yourself, what can I do perfectly well without close monitoring? Which brands or services give you a voice? Which brands or services help you become more you? Examining your brand loyalties will help you understand why people buy. When you do what you enjoy doing, it gives you a voice and the power to inspire your market in a meaningful way.

Let your business be about people.

In my early years as an online freelance writer, I felt I could short change my clients and get away with it; after all, there isn’t any physical contact. Come on! The people you are working with especially online or on the internet are also humans like you. They feel pains and joy just like you. They know when a job isn’t well done.  If you offer a poor job, you will scare them away to another seller, and if that happens, you lose money.

Bear this in mind, you are working with fellow human beings. So, be as helpful or professional as you can be with them. Connect with them in every way possible. Put up your real image or picture as your profile picture. Invite them to follow you on your social media handles. Make people feel free to work with you, and you will never run short of clients in your business.

Pitch your business persuasively.

If you are planning to work on freelance websites like Fiverr, Upwork, etc. or even starting your own online business, mastering the art of pitching your idea or business is a must for you. The freelancing market not minding the niche you are in, is generally competitive. You are always expected to tell your potential buyers or clients why they should hire you. Writing down your pitch or getting an expert to help you write is something you should consider. The power to succeed is in your mouth.

In Summary

In conclusion, the three steps that I mentioned above may not be all that you need to do to build a kick-ass personal brand identity. There are the most common areas that freelancers often overlook. Paying attention to them from the beginning of your journey as a freelancer on the internet will set you up for success in the long run. You can also check out my other articles on building personal brand identity.

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