Become a Freelance Writer – Best Freelancing Jobs for Beginners

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Become a Freelance Writer – Best Freelancing Jobs for Beginners

Find a freelance writer online
Become freelance writer

How to become a freelance writer

When I finally made up my mind to become a freelance writer, I searched through so many blogs and websites to start off my freelance writing career as a beginner.

Is it possible for anyone of any age to get paid to write? I would ask myself.

After so many years of earning some cool quid as a freelance writer, I now have an answer:

Yes, you can get paid to write! Not minding your age, gender, or location.

Are you a student, a stay at home mom, or did you just lose your job? It is possible to get a steady job writing for companies, agencies, or even individuals on a full-time or part-time basis. Depending on your writing abilities, you can get writing jobs that will pay well enough to meet most of your immediate needs.

Although it may be a little bit difficult to find freelance writing jobs as a beginner, there are surely writing gigs out there for everyone – including beginners.

In this article, I will show you some tested and trusted places where you can find writing jobs as a beginner.

Why do I think You Can Succeed in Working Online as a Writer?

Let me make an assumption.

You are reading this article because you were looking for where and how to sell your first freelance writing gig?

To me, that shows you can succeed in the freelance writing niche.

If you are a person who enjoys writing or when you write, people find it interesting, why not put that passion to good use and make a little extra income while you are at it?

Even if you are not sure of your writing abilities, the only way to write like a pro is to keep writing. As a freelance writer, you will have the opportunity to write on at least one subject every day. 

As you keep writing, you will see yourself breaking the limits and even writing your own, at least, E-book.

When once you complete your first writing gig, the door for more writing opportunities will open for you.

Find online writing jobs

Where to find writing jobs online.

Different Freelance Writing Gigs for Beginners

Before I go into showing where you can find writing jobs as a beginner, let’s look at the types of writing gigs you might enjoy doing even without prior writing experience.

There is absolutely no limit to what you may write about, but bear this in mind, for anyone to pay you to write, it must be helping a business, and it must be adding value.

Whether it’s creative writing, technical writing, business writing, or even an op-ed piece writing project, if it isn’t used to build a business brand or to make money, if it doesn’t add value, they possibly won’t pay for that write-up.

There are different categories of writing under the writing and translation domain. I decided to list them here so you will know the type of writer you would likely become. This is because you need to improve your writing skills to compete favorably in the online freelance writing market.

Also note: Though many of us still do academic writing for clients, all the genuine freelance writing platforms do not allow academic writing to be carried out on their platforms.

Writing and Translation Domain

Under listed are the different writing categories that you can make money from.

Best Places to Get Online Writing Jobs for beginners

While some of the places that I will be talking about in this article might offer cheap pay to writers, I guarantee you; they are some of the most excellent places to find online writing jobs for a beginner. If you already have what it takes to go for the big writing jobs, you can check out this post, the best ways to find freelance writing jobs.

  Remember, your initial goal as a starter in the online writing niche should be to build your writing portfolio.

Showing your recently completed writing jobs to clients is one way to build trust. As a matter of fact, to receive a big writing gig, the client must ask you to provide your recent work.

Below are a few places that beginners can look for online writing jobs.

Quick reminder: To receive your money online, you will need Payoneer, PayPal, stripe accounts and the newest one, Sellar. However, while PayPal seems stricter, Sellar and Payoneer are my favorite because it is available to users all over the world.



Chinasa Joyce Onwe

Chinasa Joyce Onwe is a professional freelance writer and content creator.

Fiverr is my favorite online freelancing platform. It is the most accessible platform to make money on the internet. Their method of signing up is so simple, and it is free. They have no restrictions for location, gender, or even age. All they require is your ability to do what you said you will do. You can sign up on Fiverr today and start earning today. You can quickly sign up on Fiverr from here.

 All you need is to create a gig that’s fully optimized by the search engine. If you don’t know how to optimize a gig, I can help you, just at a small cost.

You can create a gig for writing jobs on any of the categories listed above.

The hardest part of getting writing jobs on Fiverr is making your first sales and getting your first review. You can also check out my article on where to sell your first gig on Fiverr.

How to Get jobs on Fiver?

After creating your writing gig, while Fiverr will help promote you as a newcomer to the platform, you will need to bring traffic to your gigs by advertising your gigs or services on social media and any other platform you can think of.

You can also make sales through the Fiverr Buyer’s request.

People often associate Fiverr with a low price, but that is wrong. On Fiverr, you can charge as much as you want. However, because of the competition in the marketplace, it is always advisable to begin at $5. You still have the opportunity to increase your prices as you grow and receive more positive reviews from your buyers.

Note This: to optimize your gig on Fiverr, pay attention to your profile picture and bio, gig title, and gig description.


Fivesquid is also similar to Fiverr. You register and create your writing gigs and wait for buyers to contact you. Like on every freelance writing platform, all you need to succeed on Fivesquid is to be consistent and always be online. This is because you don’t know when someone might need your services.


UpWork is actually a more professional and advanced platform to find online writing jobs than Fiverr. I will try to break the process of getting a job on UpWork as much as I can for you.

You can search for writing jobs and also post your skills on UpWork.

Signing Up on UpWork

At UpWork, You need to prove that you are a professional for your profile to be accepted. Being a professional here simply means that you can write what you said, you know how to write. You will show it on your profile description and your selected skill set. One of the mistakes most new subscribers to the platform make is trying to sign up with a random email address. You are expected to register with your work address. Take for instance, the name of my website is nasaon.com; therefore, my work address would be Chinasa@nasaon.com. That is the kind of email address that UpWork accepts. They will never approve your account if you are using @gmail, yahoo, and all that.

Setting Up Your Profile

Creating a convincing profile is one of the major steps that would guarantee your success on UpWork. Your profile should tell the story about you. Who you are, what you can write, and what you have written. This is your opportunity to convince a prospective client to hire you, so, pay serious attention to it.

 Building your profile may not be an easy task for beginners like you, but it’s worth the efforts. If you cannot do it yourself, you can as well get an expert to help you. Bear in mind that you must know how to write anything you specified on your profile; if not, it will be a waste of effort as no one will hire you. Even if you are hired and cannot deliver the job, the client can get the order canceled.

I can help you look through your profile if you want, though it will come with a tiny fee. contact me

Landing Your First Job on UpWork

Unlike Fiverr, where you just set up your gig, and somebody comes and places an order even if you are offline, on UpWork, you must compete with other professionals on the platform. To succeed in this freelance writing platform, you must present a very tight proposal to the client. Look for my article on how to craft a proposal that sells you to your client.

Most times, freelancers think that all they should do while writing a proposal is to try selling their skills. No Way! What clients want to know is how those skills that you have acquired would help them achieve their goals.  What you should be selling is the outcome of your skills.

Again, clients don’t just look for skilled freelancers…They are in search of freelancers that can help them attain a certain goal.


The Facebook market place is also a perfect place to start your Freelance Writing career. However, one of the challenges you might face working for people on Facebook is that you stand the chance of not getting your pay. However, you can give it a trial, you may be lucky to always meet genuine clients.

Just look out for freelance writing pages where writing jobs are posted. Some of them include:

You can as well open your own writing page where you will research on any contemporary issues and write on. On the page, specify that you are available for written content creation. You never know who may find your writing interesting and want you to work with them.

Also, specify that you are a freelance writer on all your social media handles.


I started my freelance writing journey on Medium. One thing this platform is very good at is helping you build your writing portfolio. This is because it is a blogger platform, and anyone from anywhere can share their stories and write on it.

I always advise every newcomer in the freelance writing niche to start off on Medium. Medium also has its accredited publications where you can build your writing reputation, recognition, and followers. However, you can also make money on Medium when you subscribe to their Partner Program.

 When you register for their partner program, you are expected to keep producing top-notch content regularly. If you are lucky and they get your content featured, you can make so much money as people keep engaging with your content.

Medium is also a good start!

Other Places to Get Online Freelancing Jobs as a New Freelance Writer?

The truth is that there are so many places where you can get freelance writing jobs online as a fresh freelance writer. However, my intention in this article is to show you the places where I have tried, and it worked for me. It was never intended to make my website rank on google. If not, I would have titled this article 101 places to find freelance writing jobs online, then, gone ahead to copy every site I know that offers writing gigs to freelance writers – genuine and not genuine.

I was inspired to write this article to help fresh freelancers like you looking for legal and genuine ways to make money online. I was once like you. I flipped through so many blogs and sites searching. I only came across websites that just mentioned names like Fiverr, UpWork, and so on. I didn’t see any article that described the step by step guide on how to make money from those sites.

Of course, there are other places, but the ones I mentioned here are my tested and trusted sites.

Becoming a Freelance Writer

Becoming a freelance writer can be so rewarding if you are patient, persistent, and consistent (PPC).

Here you go!!! Do let me know of any questions or even share your freelance writing experiences with me if you have them.


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