Content Creation: How to Become a Content Creator

Content Creation: How to Become a Content Creator

How to make money as a content craetor


What is Content Creation and Content Creator?

This article is about content creation and how to become a content creator and make money while at it.

“Content creation skills are in high demand now. People are hiring content creators for YouTube, Instagram, and even Facebook management.”

You must have heard of the phrase “content creator” or expressions like the ones above. There are numerous content creators out there, as a heuristic, top-earning writers are making $500k a year on Substack. According to this article on Forbes, the world is going through a paradigm shift from the attention economy where businesses and people were focusing on ads, to the creator economy where businesses are contacting content creators across social media to promote their goods and services.

What this means is that if you are an active user of the internet and the new media you should be selling something and making a living out of it. If not, someone else will sell you. And to sell anything, you must know a thing about creating the right content for your audience.

You will need to become a content creator.

A content creator is anyone who does things that get people engaged online. “Engaged” here is not the putting of a ring on the middle finger. It is making people want to react to whatever it is you are doing on the internet. It could make them laugh, cry, smile, or even sad and angry.

If it makes them want to do something or talk about it, it means your content is engaging.

Good content engages and converts.

It is engaging when your audience reacts to it. While it is converting when they want to do something or talk about it.

So, next time you see a video that is going viral or a post that everyone is sharing, you should know that it is good content.

Content creation is a real deal in today’s digital world. And content creation is a fundamental skill that is becoming more and more in demand in the market. So, what is content creation?

 Content can be engaging not because they are too good or bad, but that they are able to appeal to the emotions of your audience. If you want to become a content creator and succeed at it, please, place this at the back of you mind.

What Does it Mean to Create Content?

Chinasa Joyce Onwe

Chinasa Joyce Onwe is a professional freelance writer and content strategist.

Content creation is a thorough process of bringing ideas, concepts, and topics, to create the type of needed engaging content, whether written or visual, and making it accessible to any audience through a format such as blog articles, videos, podcasts, images, posts on social media, etc; and making money from it. In this age of social media and the internet, there is infinite information available on the net. And no matter what you search on the internet, you are sure to get an answer within a split second.

All those answers you get are called content. The people who place them there are content creators. To create engaging content goes through a series of steps: research, gather information, write it down, use SEO tools, see what is trending, and a lot more!

Now that you have an idea of content creation, you might be wondering how you can create professional content. To know this, you first need to understand the different types of content.

Just like you need different mediums or formats to communicate with your friends you might be comfortable texting some friends in another state, calling some, or even planning a hangout with some; so there are different formats by which content is shared.

What are the Types of Content Out There?

Types of content

There are four formats which content can be shared.

Okay, so, you know what content is, you have seen it all around you. What you’re reading right now is content. The awesome Music Video you just watched and were mesmerized by the videography, the podcast you listened to on your way to work, the post you just commented on on Facebook and Twitter; every one of them is a type of content.

Therefore, Here are the most common types of content:

Written Content

Written content includes blog posts, social media posts, articles, how-to guides, ebooks, and more. Anything that involves language and text and requires no audio or video material provided you can access them online is written content. Where some people might dread reading posts, some people love it! So, it depends on the audience’s preference and the idea of the content that is expressed.


All the videos you enjoy on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and social media sites, and even the movies on Netflix are all video content.

Anything that involves graphics, use of colors, beautiful and appealing to the eyes and communicates the point across to the audience if there are moving and talking they come under video content. But if they are static and not moving they are called image content.

Like written content, people consume video content through different platforms online. A videographer or video content creator can make a video and upload it online, or even go live on any social media platform especially Instagram and Facebook. It can be for entertainment purposes or educational purposes.

 Image Content

All the pictures and graphics that you upload on your social media profile or anywhere are all image content. A photographer or graphic designers who are classified under image content creators share their photos and designs to the consumers and audience through any of the online platforms.

Audio Content

Some people prefer audio content, such as listening to podcasts and audiobooks. They don’t want to be glued to the screen. So they close their eyes, listen to what is being said, or do some work side by side.

Audio content has the advantage that it doesn’t require the audience to engage in it actively. Audio or oral content creator only need to speak or sing and do not need to worry about graphics, text editing, etc.

 Smart content creators engage their audience using all the four content types.

Now, you understand what it means to create content and the different types of content, but what skills do content creators require? What does a content creator do?

What do Content Creators do?

They create content, duh. Haha.

Everyone writes posts and uploads stuff on social media. Everyone sings, everyone can record themselves making smiley faces, which means everyone creates content. So, is everyone a content creator?


We can not all be content creators. However, anyone can become a content creator too. To become a content creator, you need to be earning money from it. To be making money, you need to have a particular skill set in the area you’re working or want to work on.

So, can anyone become a content creator?

The general answer to the question is yes!

However, the specific answer depends on that particular person and their interest. If you have the expertise or want to have the expertise in one specific domain or field; and want to put in the necessary effort and hard work, and enjoy it as a source of your income, whether full-time or part-time, then, you can become a content creator.

Content creators can either be self-employed or work for many different companies or brands. They can create content for a web page, maintain it, post content on social media, or do anything that involves text, picture, video, or audio. They can work as freelancers that are working for companies that need content creators. These days, companies are always looking for content creators for their projects.

Defining content creators’ roles

A content creator can have many roles. For video content creators, it would include researching, scripting, filming, editing, and optimizing content for discoverability. Written content creator requires researching and writing plagiarism-free articles, creating posts and replying to comments, creating online courses, and so on. Image content creators will require taking and editing pictures or designing flyers and banners for online events and cover pages.

This can be done across several platforms depending on what you are comfortable with and what skill set you to have or want to opt for. YouTube is for video content creators, social media platforms such as Facebook are for video, image, and text content creators. Instagram is for image and video content creators. Tiktok is for video, and while Twitter is for short text and video creators. Your website can be for all the four content types.  The content you’re creating will depend on what platform where it will be delivered.

We also have other online writing platforms such as Medium, and Substack are for writing content too.

Quick take away:

A content creator creates content but aims to generate revenue out of it, either to earn a living or even as a part-time income stream. They’re not only doing it for fun. While “everyone uploads content,” People who do it for fun are not content creators, they may initially do it for fun, but those who become professionals in what they do and are generating a source of income from their content are known as content creators.

You may or may not need any academic qualification to become a content creator. You are only required to be good in whatever you said you do. However, you must identify a niche, which is an area where you will build authority.

Let it be that when people are looking for a solution, your page, channel, or website becomes the reference point.


Content creation: how to become a content creator

What is a content creator salary?

What type of content can a content creator create to earn money from their skills?

Have you gotten all the knowledge and skill set, you want to apply it now by choosing from the infinite options available, but you want to make sure what kind of content you should create that will generate a source of income for you?

Here is a list of ideas or ways you can make money as a content creator:

Online Communities

Start with building an online community. An online community is a platform where people are connected through you give advice, and take advice, hacks, tips, tricks, and whatnot. The best places to build a community online are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, and so on.

I love YouTube and Facebook because of their monetization program for their content creators.

Your ability to attract followers with your content is what makes you a content creator. To earn money from the online community you will need to grow a number of followers by consistently posting content on your platform. With at least 1000 subscribers on your YouTube channel and a certin hours of views, your channel can become eligible for YouTube monetization. That is for YouTube to advertise products on your channel and pay you for it. Whereas on Facebook, there are about five monetization tools that Facebook uses to monetize the pages of content creators.

The bottom line is to keep posting content about anything of interest on your chosen platform to grow your community. And make sure to follow the monetization and content policies of such platform.

How to Grow an Online Community?

Choose any platform of your choice, for me, it is Facebook,  and start teaching or making posts about anything of interest. I always advise you should find a niche. Let’s say you’re good at giving advice, thinking out of the box or your communication skills are good. Do you have any skills people praise you for? Any skill that you think needs to be taught, teach that to people by making videos, writing articles and posts on your chosen online platform.

For instance, my niche is content strategy and monetization. If you follow my Facebook page, you will learn a lot about how to monetize your content espaecially on Facebook.

The world is full of people seeking knowledge and ways to improve their lives. You can do this on your Facebook pages or Youtube channel. I am particular about creating a Facebook page because Facebook has announced that by 2022, they will be investing one billion USD on their content creators.

Spread your knowledge, you never know who may be listening! A lot of people have met life-changing opportunities while diligently sharing their knowledge with their audience.

Before I go to the next point, let me answer this question which even I have asked multiple times. Since the idea is to tell you all or most of what you need to know about content creation and how to become a content creator, I think it is necessary.

Why are people not engaging with my content? Or how do I get people to comment, like, and especially share my post?

It is a question every content creator has asked. And it has no direct answer. However, it is important that I let you know that when you are starting out as a content creator or even a community manager, it will feel as if no one cares about your message. The only remedy is to stay steady with  your content. Just take it easy and gradually your audience will locate you, and they will help you to grow.

This is why I am insisting on starting out with a niche. You can go into talking about other things later, but, find people who are like you. The good thing is that every niche has people who will find it interesting.

Attract your audience with your content niche, with that, it will be easier for you to create content that they can engage with.

How Growing an Online Community Will Make Money for You?

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is where you sell something for someone, and they pay you a commission for it. Every time you buy something from a link shared on a blog or video, the owner of that blog or piece of content gets a commission for that from the business owner.

This is how to do it, reach out to any brand which you know that is looking for visibility for their products, strike a deal with them, and start creating either written, video/ audio, or even image content around those products. Your audience will patronize you and you will get paid. It works. I kid you not.

Paid Branded Partnerships

“This is a paid partnership with XYZ company.”

You must have heard of it in numerous videos! A paid partnership is when you have a business kind of relationship with a business.

Influencers use it all the time.

Whether it’s a makeup brand or a decoration item, you can also generate money from it.

This is almost what the creator economy is about. When you are able to build tens of thousands or even millions of followers, brands will approach you to become their ambassador, and this alone is placing people on the millionaire’s map.

Another fascinating thing is that according to this article so many tech platforms are looking for ways to attract and retain content creators on their platforms. Can you see why Facebook is planning to invest heavily?


My goal in writing this article is to teach you all you needed to know about content creation and how to become a content creator and make money while at it. I explained what content creation is, the types of content, and showed you how to become a content creator and make money as a content creator.

I am optimistic that you now know who content creators are, the types of content they can create, and why they are necessary. If you’re a content creator, you know what to do and how to generate income from your skillset.

If you’re a content creator, there are numerous content creator jobs in the market for you, but you need to prove your worth first by building your community on any of the platforms online.

I advise you, start with opening a Facebook page, create content, grow an audience and you will get Facebook to monetize your page.

Good Luck with your journey!

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