Facebook Monetization in Nigeria: What You Need to Know

Facebook Monetization in Nigeria: What You Need to Know

Facebook monetization tolls for Nigerian content creators

What have you heard about Facebook monetization in Nigeria?

Have they told you that Facebook does not monetize content creators in Nigeria? In this article, I am going to tell you one truth most content creators are not telling you about Facebook monetization in Nigeria.

While it may be true that some of the Facebook monetization tools such as the in-video ads may not work in Nigeria yet, there are some of the tools available for content creators in Nigeria.

However, I think a lot of people do not know that Facebook pays content creators even in Nigeria. So, Facebook monetization in Nigeria is real.

Does Facebook Monetize Content Creators In Nigeria?

I have shared this story before on my Facebook page, let me share it here again.

I first heard about Facebook monetization in 2019 through a client that I worked with on Fiver. He introduced himself as a content creator, that was also my first time of hearing that phrase “content creator.” He wanted a script for his video as a video content creator on Facebook. I am a freelance writer and copywriter.

He said Facebook was monetizing his page.

Monetizing? How?

I was very inquisitive to know. He told me that I needed a Facebook page and that I need to sign up with the Facebook creator studio.

Through his guidance, I quickly did that. My page grew. When I got two thousand followers, I got a notification on the creator studio that my page was eligible for one of the Facebook monetization tools – the instant article tool. But I was not able to set it up because I did not know how to go about that.

However, by the time I realized how to do that, I had lost the eligibility. Why? Because I was posting other people’s content especially videos on my page. A lot of us do it in Nigeria.

Nevertheless, satisfy my curiosity, I went studying those rules that I violated. Facebook was right. I was just crossposting or sharing especially people’s videos on my page.

Undoubtedly, most page owners in Nigeria do not understand or care about the concept of copyright infringement. And that alone is the bane of Facebook monetization in Nigeria.

While it may be challenging to get everyone to comply to the Facebook copyrighting policies, they can at least stop anyone who copies and steals other people’s intellectual property from making money out of it using Facebook platform.

Why Your Page May Never be Eligible for Monetization

I don’t want you to get more confused that you already were by simply saying, if you don’t follow Facebook’s Partner’s Monetization Policies (PMP).  To make it clearer as I explained above, if you are in the habit of copying and pasting especially other peoples images and videos on your page your page will never get eligible. This is because the Facebook algorithmn will flash your page for copyright infrigement. With that, your page will either lose eligibilty or will never get eligble for Facebook monetization even if you have millions of followers.

This is because, Facebook expects that every content on your page must not violate the copyright infringement of any body.

Think about it, imagine that you own a content which somebody plagiarized and that content is yielding money for that person won’t you raise an alarm or even take a legal actions?

Facebook abhors copyright infringement, unfortunately in Nigeria, we don’t care.

Furthermore, here is another big reason why a lot of the Facebook pages in Nigeria will never get the Facebook monetization eligibility.

  • They run paid ads on their platforms without the right Facebook monetization tools.

Do you know that Facebook has monetization tools for any type of ad? Be it video, image, or text ads. This is why Facebook algorithm sees every post or content on your page as yours. So that when you use people’s marketing material or content to run ads on your page, the algorithm sees them as intellectual property theft. Of course they are right. Those content are not originally yours.

The thing a lot of people don’t know is that with the Facebook instant article monetization tool, you can also run those personal ads and keep 100% of the revenue while still running ads from the Facebook Networks.

Scondly, do you expect Facebook to still monetize your page when you are already doing it yourself? That is not fair, if you ask me. If you want Facebook to run ads on your platform, please, stop running it by yourself. The image below shows how Facebook wants an image to appear on your page if it is an add. If not, it is seen as your content. And if it is not yours, it is flagged copyrighting infrigement which violates the PMP.

How Does Facebook Monetization work?

Facebook monetizes only Facebook pages. They do not monetize your profile or groups. So, if your goal is to have Facebook monetize your content, open a page today and start filling it with all kinds of content.

When I decided I wanted Facebook to monetize my page, I stopped wasting my content on my profile. I started concentrating on my page. Facebook has about five monetization tools so far. You will need to grow your page to 10,000 followers to be eligible for especially the in-video and other video monetization tools. 1000 followers for the content collab monetization tool. And a functional website for the instant article monetization tool.

Though there are other things they consider before approval, you will need to get eligible to apply first. First approach is to have engaging content on your page.

Remember this, your page must follow all the rules. Facebook is strict about this.


Don’t mind anyone who tells you that Facebook does not monetize content creators in Nigeria.Just concentrate on building a healthy platform which follows the Facebook community rules as explained here.

Thank you for reading up to this point.

Now, let us do a quick test.

Do you have a Facebook page? Let us check if it is eligible for monetization.

Using your computer, please, don’t use your phone, search Facebook content studio. Sign up using your Facebook ID. If you have a page, it will lead you to your creator studio.

By your left side, you will see monetization. Click on it. It will show you the overview of your monetization status.

Read it and tell me what it says under this article.

Finally, if you don’t have a page, now is the right time to open a page.

Also read about how to become a Facebook content creator here.


What do you think?

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