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Impressing Creativity

Empty Fiverr Request

Four Reasons You May Not See Any Request on Fiverr Buyer Request

  Four reasons why your may not see any request on Fiverr buyer request I want to assume that you are here because your Fiverr request page is empty. There are four possible reasons why you might not see any request on Fiverr buyer request. In the next few seconds, I will expose to you…
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Facebook monetization tools

Discover Six Ways That Facebook Monetizes Content Creators

Discover Six ways Facebook monetizes content creators I spend a lot of time and data on Facebook, how can I make money out of Facebook? As a strong Facebook user myself, I have had to think about this question. Countless times, I have also seen people ask same questions on forums and groups that I…
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Facebook monetization tolls for Nigerian content creators

Facebook Monetization in Nigeria: What You Need to Know

What have you heard about Facebook monetization in Nigeria? Have they told you that Facebook does not monetize content creators in Nigeria? In this article, I am going to tell you one truth most content creators are not telling you about Facebook monetization in Nigeria. While it may be true that some of the Facebook…
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Who is a facebook content creator?

Facebook Content Creators: Who are They and What do They do?

Does Facebook Pay Content Creators? It is surprising that a lot of people on Facebook do not know that Facebook pays some people they recognize as content creators. A few months ago, Mark Zuckerberg made an exciting announcement on his Facebook post and on the Facebook content creator’s website. Part of the announcement reads, we…
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How to make money as a content craetor

Content Creation: How to Become a Content Creator

 Content can be engaging not because they are too good or bad, but that they are able to appeal to the emotions of your audience. If you want to become a content creator and succeed at it, please, place this at the back of you mind.

Find a freelance writer online

Become a Freelance Writer – Best Freelancing Jobs for Beginners

When I finally made up my mind to become a freelance writer, I searched through so many blogs and websites to start off my freelance writing career as a beginner. Is it possible for anyone of any age to get paid to write? I would ask myself. After so many years of earning some cool…
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TEF grant 2020

TEF Grant 2020: Why apply for Tony Elumelu Foundation Grant

Like you already know, the Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) is an initiative of the Nigerian born philanthropist Tony Elumelu. Since inception, the foundation has been rated as one of the leading African private-sector-led philanthropies addicted to building the economy of the African continent through empowering African entrepreneurs with scalable ideas or already existing start-ups with…
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Read Audiobooks

Read Audiobooks: How to Spice Up Your Reading Habits

  I once enquired from a few of the book clubs that I belonged to, if there were people who loved audiobooks? I was amazed at how many people loved audiobooks. They all had different reasons why they enjoyed audibles as much as I do. To some, they preferred audiobooks because there can multitask while…
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Fiverr Buyer Request

Tips on How to Bid Effectively on Fiverr Buyer Request Page

   Knowing how to bid for projects or jobs on Fiverr buyer request page just like it is done on Upwork, Gigster, Zirtual, 99designs, and Toptal etc. is one sure way to succeed as a freelancer on any freelancing platform. While the process may be different on all the platforms, the goal is the same;…
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How to Build a Kick-ass Personal Brand Identity as a Freelancer

Do you know that there are masses of people just waiting to do business with you once you can so inspire them with your personality? Know this, my friend, business isn’t just a transaction or passing of goods and services to clients for gains or benefits. It ought to be an experience. Research has shown,…
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