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Impressing Creativity

How to Build a Kick-ass Personal Brand Identity as a Freelancer

Do you know that there are masses of people just waiting to do business with you once you can so inspire them with your personality? Know this, my friend, business isn’t just a transaction or passing of goods and services to clients for gains or benefits. It ought to be an experience. Research has shown,…
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Freelance job

Build Strong Personal Brand Identity as a Freelancer With these 7 Tips.

It is no longer news that with the reign of artificial intelligence and breakthrough in technology, dealing or doing business with people might soon become a thing to seek after. This is because so many fraudsters are already hiding under the guise of doing business online to defraud people. That’s why creating a reputable and…
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How to make money as a content craetor

Stop Wasting Time, Start Making Money Online

Are you looking to start making money online? Please, read this article carefully. It is a short one because I do not want to overwhelm you with long grammar today. In this article, I shared how I started as a webmaster. I knew the internet had so much to offer right from my high school…
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