Turn Your Sales and Email Copy Around With my Copywriting Tricks.

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I Will Turn Your Sales and Email Copy Around With my Copywriting Tricks.


A professional freelance writer

Chinasa Joyce Onwe is a professional freelance writer and content creator.

When I was planning to launch into the copywriting niche, I took the time to sign up for so many mailing lists to really see what the content for email campaigns or marketing from other copywriters looked like. I earnestly looked forward to notifications from Gmail announcing a new email from my subscriptions. I would analyze and critique them in my head. For the impressive ones, I would click on their call to action. For some, I would just ignore. While for others, I would quickly delete and unsubscribe. From going through the bulk of emails daily, I developed what I call my copywriting tricks. These tricks are centered around three areas that make up  compelling and persuasive sales and email copy.

The Headline

One of the things that entices me into clicking on any copy is the headline. Research has shown that 80% of people don’t read past a headline of any copy. Therefore, I learned how to create catchy headlines for sales and email copy. That is what I will help you do. I will craft a precise, metric-based headline that shows the benefits of your products or services.

I will make the sales or Email copy all about your clients – call it need-based by answering the following questions:

  • How will your business benefit the customer?
  • What does your product or service do to help a customer?
  • Why would a customer purchase your product or service over another?

I will use lots of power words in the content

Depending on your audience, I will craft content that connects, engages, and retains your customers through carefully crafted words. I will make it concise and seductive. No one wants to waste time reading long essays in their inbox. I am sure not even you.

 We will research your niche, and find keywords and power words that will entice your audience. I will also craft an irresistible call to action.

Are you in doubt that I would deliver on my promises?

Your fears are justifiable. There are so many freelance writers all over the internet providing low quality sales and email copywriting services. However, being that you could read this copy up to this point should be a marker that I can get your prospective clients to want to read through your copy and respond to your call to action.

Of course, I can deliver on my promises. My background in the academic field has set me up for success in any task that involves writing. I have an eye for detail and creative prowess to transmit your ideas into a workable plan. 

As a policy, I will offer you a hundred percent refund if you don’t get the right content for your copy.

Please, feel free to contact me for free inquiries or to place an order. I am waiting. Cheers!

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